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The Final Fling of the Southwest Coast Path across the hills to the Finish Line in Minehead.  Out of Porlock Weir this morning under splendid, bright skies, another stark contrast to the morning previous.  A superb change in scenery as we traversed the Sparkhayes Marsh.  Bird life a-twittering; interesting snag formations; a damp, but worthy path across infront of Porlock inland and to the village of Bossington; more friendly equines.

From there we hiked a pleasant wooden section before heading up a long, grassy climb to Hurlstone Point and Hurlstone Combe.  Joined the Rugged Coast Path option from there to climb a few more times and pass through gorse-lined, clifftops paths eastwards to Minehead.

Our final stretch took us along the seafront to the ‘map & hands’ sculpture that delineates the finish, or start, depending on one’s journey, of the Path.  The etching on the tarmac has faded somewhat over the past decade and a half.

The obligatory summary:  a total of 623 miles over 46 days.  A guestimate of approximately 100 of those miles running. Included a cumulative climb of about 110,000 ft / 34,000 m / 21 miles up.  That seems ridiculous, but it appears to be the case.  All those ascents, both short and shallow, plus long and steep, apparently add up over that distance and this terrain.


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  • October 13, 2017 at 4:32 PM

    Beautiful photos and video, Simon–the otter throwing a tantrum was a special treat, and it was nice to see a photo of you from time to time as well. You chose the perfect time to leave, as the 18-point credit limit has meant a frantic, bureaucratized fall. Best of luck with your resettling; it looks like you had a lot of fun decompressing betweentimes.

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