through a pint-sized parish to meet the person from porlock

Not a great deal of fun for most of today’s route from Lynmouth to Porlock Weir due to yet more relentless, blowing rain, particularly early on on the way out and past Foreland Point.  The view was mainly of fog down to what would no doubt have been impressive clifftops and rocky shorelines.

The majority of the day was spent on woodland trails getting slowly more damp.  Some lush, verdant vegetation; impressive snags; and frequent little waterfalls down the narrow combes.

Weather finally cleared a little at Culbone.  Visited its tiny parish church, St. Bueno’s, parts of which date from the 11th to 14th centuries, seats a mere 33, and can only be reached on foot.

Thence to Porlock Weir.  Thinking of Coleridge’s ‘Person’…