more sand, more rocks, and wales…lurking

A windy, overcast day from Croyde Bay to Baggy Point, and then north across the long expanse of Woolacombe Sands.

From there, we turned around Morthoe Point where the geomorphology got unqiue and interesting, before taking our final Big Turn right.  Now heading due east for the last few days of our jaunt towards Minehead.  For the first time Wales came into view in the murky distance:  Milford Haven and the rest of Pembrookshire lurking across the western extremity of the Bristol Channel.

Passed by the stumpy lighthouse at Bull Point, climbed upwards and downwards a couple of times with jagged-rock beaches below.  Thence to Lee Bay, a long climb up a narrow Devon country lane, and finally into Ilfracombe via a few zig zag trails.

The Ilfracombe harbour hosts a, mildly controversial, Damien Hurst statue, ‘Verity‘.  Somewhat unusual choice for a seafront in a place such as Ilfracombe, perhaps.