just say ahhh across widemouth

A number of further steep climbs awaited us this morning heading northeast out of Crackington Haven.  Seems to be the general flavour of our final fling along the Cornish coast.  Headed up and past Drizzard Point via some seriously steep paths (no surprise that the name Drizzard is derived from the Cornish word for ‘bloody steep’) with some precipitous-looking approaches.  Frothy, crashing surf accompanying us below most of the way.

Reached the 500 mile milestone and strolled through the damp grass past a benched mileage marker indicating the remaining distance into Minehead, our finish line in just over a week’s time.

The weather cleared from then on, presenting bright, blue sky views of North Devon and Hartland Point ahead.  The long, crashing waves of Widemouth Bay serenading us towards Bude.

Stopped by the 1880s Storm Tower, AKA Tower of the Winds, on Compass Point on the clifftop on the way in and then down along the unusual Bude Canal.