crackington fiend

Relieved to relate that the fickle southwestern English weather turned once more for another calm, dry, relatively sunny day today.  Boscastle Harbour looked somewhat sexier in the morning light than the late afternoon dirge yesterday.

The Path took us on a few steep climbs including winding up Beeny Ciff and to the very top of the creatively-named High Cliff, the highest point in Cornwall.  Great views back to Tintagel and all the way to Pentire Point, which we rounded a few days ago.  Plus a preview vista ahead to the North Devon Coast, first views of Lundy Island, and inland over Exmoor and into Somerset.

The hiking got a little gentler into the afternoon.  Some grassy clifftop sections, further interesting rocky shoreline to look down on from above, and then into Crackington Haven, nestled in its gravelly beach cove.