mmm, rumpage

More splendid cool, bright, rain-free weather as we left Padstow, hopped on the ferry, and started walking/running from Rock north and then east.  Our route took us along the western side of the Camel Estuary, around Daymer Bay and through Polzeath.

From there we rounded Pentire Point, ogling views back to Padstow and the headlands walked or jogged around yesterday. Some fun place names en route.  E.g., Peniwiglie Point; Pengirt Cove; Com Head; Lobber Point; Great Lobb’s Rock; and of course, the Rumps. The Rumps are firm, rounded and pleasing on the eye…

Heading due East from there, the day’s inclines and declines became steeper and more quad- and calf-taxing. The sea as calm and mill-pond-like as it was a boiling, turbulent froth a day or two ago.  Interesting rock formations, rounded headlands, sea caves and arches along the way. Passed through the coves of Lundy Bay and Port Quinn, and finally to Port Isaac, made famous by, the somewhat insipid, Beeb sitcom Doc Martin over the past decade, although its pier dates back to Henry VIII’s reign, so the village has been around as a hub for a while.

Checked the cumulative ascent climb since Poole on August 24th just out of curiosity to discover over 80,000 ft / 24,000 m have been climbed.  Heading towards the equivalent of three Everests shortly if that’s accurate.