pig souper

A day ‘off’ ended up with a good 8 miles of further walking, 5 or 6 of cycling, and two flights, two taxi rides, and a double ferry crossing on a day trip to, around, and from the Scilly Isles, perched, as they be, a good way southwest from Land’s End.

The flights were fun on a little twin-engine Otter.  Great views of the coast south from Newquay:  miles covered by foot over the past week; and then the Isles themselves.  Landed on St. Mary’s first and then took a boat to and from the more barren, rugged Tresco.  Wandered the wide, white sands of the latter.

Today was mostly spent in a pea-souper north of Newquay back on the Path.  Could hardly see the sea at times.  The famous Bedruthen Steps were mere gray, looming shadowed chunks of rock below.  Legend has it that a giant named Bedruthan utilized these stacks as stepping stones to gain a short cut across the bay.  They’re forever changing as the softer rock gets eroded.

The surf got up its hackles properly for the first time on our route.  Crashing water; bubbling, boiling froths into rocky coves; booming wave action.

Weather cleared for a while into and out of Porthcothan. More friendly, entertaining porcines check us out, and us them.