up the mount, down the mousehole

A glorious, sun-drenched morning meant that the Mount at Marazion was well-lit this AM.  Visited the temporary island via its causeway and then walked along the wide, sandy beach towards Penzance.  Plenty of surf-frolicking dogs en route.


After passing through Penzance and Newlyn (quiet in terms of fishing boat and harbour activity on a Sunday lunchtime) treated to distant views back to ground covered on the west side of the Lizard.  Headed south to the village of Mousehole, infamous for its Stargazy Pie, eaten every 23rd of December to commemorate a famous fish catch.  Some odd garden inhabitants spied over a wall walking into the village.  Mousehole harbour looking handsome.

The Path got muddy and technical further around the gentle curve turning westwards.  Narrow trails, some rock clambering, and tight turns down into Lamora Cove – popular with artists, including the Newlyn School.  Swam very briefly in a cool, ‘heated’ outdoor pool at our home for the night, the Lamorna Cove Hotel (actually a collection of self-catering apartments).