when the hills have nipples & admirals harden

The move into our one SW Coast Path Big City, Plymouth, via a gentle rocky coastal route east from Heybrook Bay this morning.  A varied day of hiking through countryside, suburban streets, industrial neighbourhoods, and urban areas under fickle skies that couldn’t decide what to do in terms of delivering weather.  Wound around the River Plynn, yacht marinas, and other waterbodies, many abandoned boat corpses included.

We stopped by the Mayflower marker, sister to the Rock in the Other Plymouth, MA; swung by the Eddystone Lighthouse, Smeaton’s Tower, now grounded on Plymouth Hoe; and happened to catch the innovative poppy sculpture at the WWI & II War Memorial, the former currently doing the rounds on the road between various towns and cities in the UK.

Place names and signs seem to be deliberately rude here in Plymouth, or is it me?

Some creative and visually interesting Path signs using various locally-sourced materials appeared throughout the route in Plymouth n’all: