exploding hens

Our morning started with a quick stroll to the banks of the River Erme and a dip into the cool estuarine waters to ford the river from east to west.  In the interest of making the next river crossing ferry further along the coast in time, we took a slight gamble crossing earlier than generally advised time ahead of low tide, but were endampened only up to the knees at the deepest channel.

From Mothercombe to Noss Mayo, we had a 9-mile dash of sorts to ensure the little local ferry across the next estuary, the River Yealm, was still running for the day.  A few grassy ups and downs, grand views, as ever, along the rocky coastline, disturbing a few partridges as we went (these local fowl tend to explode very suddenly as one passes out of concealed nooks of hedgerows or undergrowth, all squark and feather slap).

Took our time from then on with the time pressure off via Wembury Beach, a scone stop, and onto Heybrook Bay, where we currently reside in a guest house last furnished and painted pre-WWII; a landlady who must be mid-90s, the towels, curtains, carpets and house pet of the same vintage from the look of it. Pleasant Path- and ocean-side setting, mind.

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  • September 7, 2017 at 7:49 AM

    … i LOVE your posts – and the donkeys and carly with her animal friends
    envious of your freedom
    here all is well – let me know what email i can write you on!

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