sea dogs & sea tractors

Somewhat of a precipitation-enshortened day found us in the clearing mists on Burgh Island, a tidal lump of rock reached from Bigbury-on-Sea nearby either by a wide sandy causeway or, at high tide, its famous sea tractor.  We imbibed at the Pilchard, a low-ceilinged, dimly-lit local dating from the 13th century.

Walking northwest took us through hardworked ascents and descents with periodic stunning views punctuated with sweeping sea mists that obscured said vistas.  Meant for some interesting, but fleeting, lighting showing off the granite cliffs and sandy coves.  Arymer in particular.

Turning a corner northwards inland, the Path took us to the mouth of the River Erme which we plan to ford tomorrow, tides permitting.  More sandy beaches and frolicking hounds on the banks of the estuary.

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  • September 6, 2017 at 6:07 PM

    These pictures are beautiful.

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