a drenching to mention

Completely forken soaked and frozen by the horizontal precipitation and evil, whipping winds on the clifftops south of Brixham today.  Didn’t even pause to rest, eat, drink or snap images, uncomfortable as it was.  Our path took us past what is surely stunning, rugged scenery, but tough to appreciate when one’s drenched to the hide.  Had to dodge a few NT grazing equines sheltering on a relatively windless slope; passed by two equally-soaked hikers heading north; saw three or four hardy English surfers below; and spotted a solitary seal riding the swell – that was about it for other life out there on the way to Kingswear today.  Passed the fascinating Brownstone Battery remnants near Froward Point (we sheltered briefly in the Searchlight pod listed) – more WWII infrastructure that highlights the importance of this French-facing coast in the not-to-distant.

The payoff is the immediate faith-in-existence-reaffirmation of a warm shower, a dry view of the ocean outside a window,  a quick walk to the local (Start Bay Inn, in this case), a pint of Tribute, hearty fodder, and a dash back through the continuing murkiness and drizzle of the Torcross seafront to rest limbs.