ottery entertaining

A visit to the otter sanctuary in Buckfastleigh on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon.  Sammy, the large British river otter who was rescued including being hand-fed and nursed at home by keeper Tim) after suffering from the after effects of being caught up in an oil spill (apparently has a long tradition of throwing a ‘tantrum’ when he realises that the day’s peanut treat ration has been exhausted.

We got to interact up close and personal with rescued and rehabilitated Asian, Canadian and British river otters, including hand feeding with peanuts, raw hamburger, and whole and filleted fish.  River otters all have surprisingly contrasting personality traits:  some shy, some show offs, some gentle and sweet, some headbutters.  Top mammals.

A ride on the Southern Devon Railway as part of our trip back to the coast afterwards.