cobbing on

Our luck ran out with the perfect sunny English weather, but were at least fortunate to walk through the rain under the dense canopy cover of The Undercliff trees just west of Lyme Regis rather than open clifftops this morning:  slippery and muddy underfoot, but less drenched from above.  We took a look at the famous Cobb pier before departing; features iconically in John Fowles’ French Lietenant’s Woman (recommended).  The Undercliff is dense and verdant, and thorougly alive.  We disturbed a browsing red deer along the way, and were serenaded by avian life.  Thus into Devon and out of Dorset.

We climbed down and then up and then down again to pass through Seaton (grey, rusty, depressed-looking) and the boozily-named Beer (lively, quaint, much more alive), before heading inland to visit the Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary.  Marred a little by more rain, we of course saw many rescued donkeys, some posing cutely, some nuzzling, some bellyaching.

The cliffs turned reddish with sandstone around our destination, Sidmouth. Our hotel sits just beyond a ford: a liquid road crossing indicative of this rural part of England.