fleeting, the abbott, and juicy treatage

Our last two days we’ve mixed things up gaitwise by jogging a few miles early doors and walking the rest of the day. Have now traversed the entirety of the 18-mile Chesil Bank/Beach: the pebbly strand that runs from Portland northwest to West Bay in Dorset. Our route took us inland a few times, through a mini firing range (closed, thankfully), along the banks of The Fleet, the long lagoon that separates the beach from the land proper, and via bovine and ovine populated fields, plus a few ankle-taxing sections on the pebbles themselves.

Stopped off in Abbotsbury before continuing the following morning: a village that’s been around for a good few hundred years. The Abbey itself hung around for 500 years or so before being mostly erased by good old Henry VIII and his thugs-with-anti-papal-hammers. A few stone remnants still stand.

Today’s route took us along the roller-coaster of hills from West Bay to Seatown to Charmouth to Lyme Regis. Golden Cap providing the highest vistas looking back to the Isle of Portland and ahead to the Exmouth area. Carly enjoyed her first Calippo experience on Path.

Ended the day in Lyme Regis after a long final couple of miles on tarmac. My old childhood holiday stomping grounds.

Into Devon for the first time tomorrow morn.