muddy desert bubblage

Towards the southeastern corner of the coast of the inland Salton Sea to the east of Anza-Borrego State Park in Imperial County, California, lies a volcanic seam that feeds a geothermal power station not far outside of the desert town of Calipatria.

On the corner of two dirt roads just south of that station a little of the geologic energy escapes through the concrete-like substrate of a barren ‘field’, known as the Mud Pots. Bubbling just under the surface, hot liquid mud laps up to form sculptured mounds and chimneys to create a bizarre mini-landscape of unique hills and depressions.









As one gets close to the active holes in the ground, the air is hot and sulphurous. The ground gurgles and bubbles with interesting sonic quality: varied and weirdly anthropogenic depending on where one stands and listens.